Boracay: Jonah's Fruitshake

by - December 15, 2012

Okay, it will just be a super quick post this time. Because I can’t figure out where I’ve placed the pictures for this. Anyway, I’m sure 101% sure that Jonah’s fruit shake would be one of the most popular ever in Boracay. The creaminess and taste of their product are the one that they are truly proud of. So I asked the staff about their best seller. And she told me that it’s Choco Banana Peanut and Banana Choco Vanilla. (110 pesos each)

What’s my review? 
Forgive me Jonah’s fruitshake lovers but it really disappoints me. I even ask my boyfriend that “Eto ba talaga bestseller nila??”. No doubt that it’s creaminess is to the highest level. But I find their texture so thick. It’s like a mud that filled with sugar that just put tons and tons of carbo in our body. I really regret it. Will I come back? Maybe, but I will definitely not order that one. I’m not sure if I just choose the wrong flavor of drink, BUT..WHY?? It’s their best seller right?? 

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