Boracay: Jammers Burger

by - December 14, 2012

After we go to Sandbar we decided to stroll along the powdery sand of Boracay. Our goal is to look for the raves on the internet. The most delicious establishments that can be found there. And luckily, just a few steps from Sandbar, we saw Jammers. 

``Some would say that it's difficult to find Jammers, but I'm not sure why we didn't experience that. 
 ``Their Menu
``Mouth watering pictures
 ``What I ordered is Cheesedog with mustard and onions plus jalapeno (115 pesos)
 Bacon Cheese  Burger for Aldrin (155 pesos)
Plus Ice Cream to cap off the night! :)

My rating?

THUMBS UP! Jammers food is great. It's one of my favorites during our entire vacay. If you'll just look at their place, maybe you'll think twice because it's just a small stall around the corner, but they are right, it's delicious indeed! The sauce and meat is tasty and it retains the flavors inside the meat. We're super full already but we still managed to eat it all because yeahhh it's delicious. :)

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