Boracay: Fairways Breakfast Buffet

by - December 14, 2012

It's just a photo blog of our breakfast buffet while we stayed in Fairways for 2 days. The taste of their food is just right. No more, no less. But it's really fulfilling. We want to hibernate after! HAHAHA!! :D

 ``Set up
 ``On going cooking 
 ``Pancit Canton Ingredients
 ``Omelette Station
 ``Pancit Canton Station
``Daing na Bangus 
 ``Steamy Rice
``Breads and Spreads 
 ``Muffin and Sweet pastries
 ``Juices station 
 ``Few Fruits
 ``Salad bar station

*And the next day*
 ``Salted egg and Mixed green salad
 ``Breads and spreads
 ``Sweet longanisa
 ``SMILE :)
 ``Corned Beef
 ``Sweet and sour fish fillet

``Omelette Station 

``Table of the Hungry bears :D

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