Boracay: Aria Restaurant

by - December 13, 2012

I've heard that Aria is one of the best tasting establishments in the island. It also has one of the highest recommendations from fellow bloggers that's why we put in on our list that time.

``Their big menu attracting the customers
``They have lots of varieties to choose from
``The place *blurred sorry! :(
``I asked for their special drink, and they gave this to us. Sprite with Lemon. GREEAAAT! 
Beef Carpacio with arugula and shaved parmesan grana - NO COMMENT
``Seafood Marina - The taste is bland, the seafood was overcooked also.
``Fettuccine  nere in crema di mare. Their "Another Bestseller" as they say. The pasta is overcooked, lack of taste too!
``The hungry bears that became Angry Bears after eating
``We didn't even consume it all. Not even half of it.
``And we !@#$%^ paid for that food??

We ran out of pizza that's why we wasn't able to try that. I'll leave it up to you. Will we come back? No thanks! 

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