Acuatico Breakfast Buffet

by - December 04, 2012

I'm sorry, I completely forgot that I haven't made a post regarding our breakfast buffet when we stayed in Acuatico. What I posted is the dinner buffet we had that you can see HERE. Anyway, Acuatico's is one my favorite breakfast buffet we've had. Why? Then let the pictures says it all.

``This is the view we had in our room when we woke up (iphone shot) ;)
``What I really like about their buffet is that they had freshly squeezed juices. Not like powdered juices compared to others.
 ``Cereals for kiddos and kiddos at heart! :)
``Fresh sliced fruit in syrup
 ``Sliced oranges
 ``Spreads. The only breakfast buffet that has Nutella spread. CHECK to that! :)
``Breads and Muffins

 ``Jams, Cheeses and Butters
 ``Bread Section
 ``Fruits and Cereals Section
 ``Brewed Coffee
 ``Batangas Beef Porridge
 ``Salted Egg
 ``Omelet ingredients. (Choose what you want :))
 ``Omelette section
 ``Sweet Longganisa
 ``Scrambled Egg
 ``Sweet and Sour Sausages
 ``Fried Chicken
 ``Viands section
 ``Tinapa, Tomatoes and Pork and Beans
 ``Hash Brown. Cool right? :)

 ``Super Garlic-y rice
 ``The table of the hungry bears

 I love their breakfast buffet. Aside from the fact that is complimentary breakfast that is included during our stay, the food is good and scrumptious  Even though the selection of foods is not that extravagant, i like that every meal that were served is delicious and tasty.

HUNGRY with their foods? You can check their website @

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