A taste of Korean Cake: Moshi Manju

by - December 04, 2012

I remember the time when me and my boyfriend were strolling in the mall, when we saw a long queue of customer in a stall. It's a Korean Cake filled with Chocolate filling. So when we saw the stall in Market Market without so much people, we took the chance to buy those.

``Moshi Manju
"Freshly Baked Korean Cake"
``They have this machine that automatically flips the mini cakes. I was actually impressed to see the actual making of those cuties. Instead flipping it by the seller manually. Good point! :)
``Freshly made Korean Cakes. 
``Price list. Not bad at all. They have different flavors like Pastillas, Mocha etc. But it depends on the store and its availability. 
``Steamy hot Moshi Manju! yey! :D
``It's best to eat it while it's hot. :)
``Soft bread filled with not too sweet chocolate filling. It's good! Try-EAT! :)

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