1 year celebration @ Sambokojin

by - December 04, 2012

I have a lot of backlogs and this one is part of it. So you see, I found an instant siblings with my friends that just came from different parents. HAHAH! When we celebrated our one year  employment at IBM as SAP Practitioner, this automatically calls for a celebration! yey!! 
``We agreed to dine in at Sambokojin in Eastwood
 ``Different seasonings! :)
 ``Beef fat to grease up the pan and start the session.
 ``Complimentary appetizer served. BIG CHECK for these!

*Wasn't able to take shots of the entire place. Because of chatting and munching with friends. 
 ``The most popular section of all. Their Tempura section. They serve a wide variety of Tempura. From Ebi Tempura, Vegetable Tempura, Fish Tempura, up to Kani Tempura. Unlike others that they only served the usual Shrimp Tempura.

*So here's our plate*
``Enjoy! :)

Compared to other buffet, Sambokojin has limited selection of foods from Appetizers down to Desserts. But the thing they've got aside from their outstanding Tempura section, is even though they have limited choices to choose from, the foods that were served is really tasty and cooked to perfection. :)

Ready for buffet? You can visit their site @

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