Weekend gateway in Acuatico

by - November 12, 2012

It's been very stressful week in the office. We, should learn to relax for sometime. Agree?

So we've decided to go to Acuatico Beach Resort, Located at the far end area of Laiya Batangas. We managed to go there by means of commuting. We go to Cubao and ride a bus going to Batangas. (150+ pesos) via APLS bus company beside Ramon Magsaysay High School. We traveled for 3-4 hours I guess and take note that we stayed around 45 minutes to 1 hour just by filling every seat in the bus, meaning that 3-4 hours can be 2 hours at all. Okay, enough of ranting. According to my friend which has a house in Batangas, Acuatico is in San Juan municipality. Upon going down the bus terminal there, we have to ride a jeepney. (45pesos) that last around 45 minutes. Acuatico is just along the highway, so just ask the driver you to dropped you off there. 

Acuatico is the most popular beach resort in the province. A bit costly but the place explains it all. Per night ranges from 6,000++ minimum (2-4 pax) up to 21,000++ maximum (12pax) for an over night stay. (Depending on the room type). **btw, they served a really refreshing welcome drinks, unlike others that will offer powdered juices and the like.

We stayed in Vista de Laiya for 3 days and 2 nights. *This is our room

Our package includes the following: *From their website*

Vista de Laiya
Good for 2 persons.
Located on the third floor of the hotel, it has a splendid view of the Laiya beach as well as the resort. It has a queen-sized bed, an LCD TV, a telephone, a mini bar, and a bathroom with tub.

Overnight Accommodations:
Room Rate: Php 8, 150 per night

Rates inclusive of the following:
•             Room Accommodation
•             Daily Breakfast
•             Complimentary bottled water
•             All day complimentary coffee and tea
•             Use of resort facilities
•             Use of water sports facilities (e.g. kayak and pedal boat)
•             Service charge and applicable taxes

NOTE: The bathroom is small just like what everybody's complain (but for me it's just right). Complete set of toiletries are included as well as blower.

``This is the breath-taking view from our room

``They also offers a complimentary cookies that I think has a drug 'coz it's very addicting! :P

``Gameroom is also provided

Acuatico is famous for their Infinity pool.
 I failed to have a perfect shot of their infinity pool. I waited for them to go to the side, but it's hopeless. I guess they want to stay longer there. LIKE ME! :p *so sorry for 3 folks over there.

It has mini bar in the middle of Infinity pool where you can order cocktail drinks, fruits shakes, even food.

``Front view of the bar (night shot)

``Ahhhhhh! refreshing!!

*Here's some view of their resort*
Beach View

Pedal boat and Kayak which you can use for free

Their captivating fountain with Bhe! : )

Other side of the pool

Shot of the pool from the beach area

The rooms beside the pool area.

``Im inlove with this place!

Overall, I had a great time during my stay there. Actually, to think of any negative things, I can't give any. Acuatico's staffs are very efficient and friendly. Very polite from the very first day we arrived up to the end. Let me tell you these, Batangueños and Batangueñas are the friendliest and the kindest ever! They will greet you with warm smiles on their faces. Not just in Acuatico but even outside the resort.

Please take note that, upon going home in Manila, you have to go back in San Juan (Bayan) where the Bus terminal is located (ALPS). It's the same terminal where you were dropped off upon going to Acuatico. Please remember that going home to San Juan is by means of Jeepneys. AND!! the last trip of the Jeepney going to San Juan is up to 12oclock noon only. If you didn't catch the last trip, you have to ride a tricycle waiting just outside the resort. And guess what? it's 500 pesos! (For real!). When the tricyle driver told us that there's no more jeepney that will passed by because he told us that it's only up to 12oclock, I looked at my watch and said "Okay lang po kuya, 11:40 pa lang naman, meron pa kameng 20 minutes." Then the manong driver go back to his place. And ironically, there's a jeepney who passed by. An empty jeepney. Then the manong driver of the jeepney told us "Tara, sabay ko na kayo pa-San Juan".
**angels singing** Didn't I tell you that Batangueños are the best? **its free by the way. ;)

So Here's my favorite shot

``Will I come back? Definitely! :)

Check out their Breakfast Buffet here and Dinner Buffet here

For more details you can check their website

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  1. hi.. question lang.. yung sa tricycle.. 500 per person ba yun or hindi? thank you

    1. Hello! 500 pesos as kontrata na sya. So like if 3 kayo, 500 na charge sainyo lahat. :)

    2. Hi..Is it okay to bring a one year old child and commute? Meron din bang fx papintang batangas? Thanks

    3. Is it okay to brina a one year old child and commute? May fx ba papuntang Batangas..? Thanks

    4. Hi! Do you know how much would it cost for walk in only?

  2. Nice post! Thank you, i was actually looking for a good place stay. I'd probably include this

    1. You're welcome! I'm sure it will be worth it! :)

  3. Thank you for this good review. :) Will definitely check this place out ngayong Holy Week. I just hope na di kami maubusan ng rooms. :( Kasi I'm sure madamign tao mag babakasyon ngayon. Can you tell me an estimate sa nagastos nyo sa vacation nyong to? I'm planning kasi na 3 days and 2 nights din kami. 2 lang din kami ng boyfriend ko. :)

    1. Hello! I'm really sorry for the late reply. Sad to say, all the rooms were fully booked up to May.(weekend) Me and my friends were planning to go here, and they told me that it's fully booked :(

  4. hi, nice review. . .been planning to visit this place since last year pa. pano pala magpareserve sa kanila? how much do i need to pay. .tinatry ko kasi online but it always redirecting in travel agency. thanks:)

    1. Hello! Thanks for the compliment! :) Go to their website, and look for their contact details section. And you can reach them via email. They're replying fast. :)

  5. Hi! Is it really that hard to catch a public transpo from the resort? Parang swertihan kasi. :/ and, were you able to bring at least chips inside the resort? Thanks! :-)

    1. Hello! :) If it's passed 12oclock in the afternoon, it will be hard for you to catch a public transpo, though, I'm not 100% sure since when we left Acuatico, it just so happened that there's "good samaritan" that brought us to the terminal station. Meron naman tricycle from there if lagpas na kayong 12 oclock, kaso, ayun nga, tatagain nila kayo sa price. -_-

      Bringing of snacks is not allowed, but we have Bon Chon Chicken and some chips with us, pero hindi naman kame sinaway, or..... hindi lang napansin? HAHAH! Hope it helps! :)

  6. hi, Thanks for sharing your experience

    Also. I want to seek your persmission to use the photos for blogs about beach resorts like http://laiya-beach-resorts.blogspot.com/ and other batangas beach resorts
    i want to have a list of resorts and info about them and I plan to add a review one by one. I'll credit your article (this page) as the photo source :)

    1. Sure thing Debbie. Thanks for asking permission as well. More powers! :)

  7. Thanks Teresa, by the way here is the link where I used for awesome photos Acuatico Photos

  8. Nice place! May i know how much is the bus fare? tnx!

    1. 150 + pesos as stated on the first part of the blog. :) But that was roughly 3 years ago so the price may go a bit higher by 5-10 pesos I guess.

  9. Nice place! May i know how much is the bus fare? tnx!

  10. Hi! Thanks this really is a good blog. May i know kung yung 45 pesos na jeepney fare is for two person na or isa pa lang? Thanks a bunch!

  11. Hello,

    Yung breakfast buffet included ba sa room rate?

  12. Wow! That was an amazing experience, thanks for sharing! Batangas is not just a good place to relax, but also a perfect place for investment. Come and visit Playa Calatagan Residences that has condos for sale in Batangas.

  13. Is there an fx going there?


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