The challenge of doing my first blog entry

by - November 11, 2012

I admit, I am trying hard with regards to blogging. I usually write about my personal experiences, restaurant and food reviews, my personal travl'ing experiences or anything that I find interesting. - But that's just on facebook. I am really eager to start my own blog since I graduated and start working, But just like everyone else, I don't know where to start. BOOOM!

For some reasons, there's a miracle that just happened, I am already blogging. FOR REAL! haha!

A lot of questions were running in my mind:

  • Where I will start?
  • What topic should I write?
  • Would I have subscribers like everyone else?
  • What layout I must put so people will find it interesting?
  • And most of all, does someone out there will able to read this? HAHAHA!! *but the fact you are reading this, yey! someone actually does!

Believe me, this is my reaction when doing this. :D

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