Starbucks Planner

by - November 18, 2012

Every year, I got used in collecting Starbucks sticker for the planner. Why? Because first, I love coffee. I am addicted to coffee. Maybe because I'm a night shifter? Nahhh. Even when I was in high school, I love drinking them. Second, My sister and I have this contest on whoever has it first, will win! The price? nothing. just satisfaction. HAHAH! And lastly, Planner is a good investment that I can use on my life all throughout the year. 

``I'm thinking twice if I will choose the white one or the green.

 ``And I choose the white one, so the next one will be black and that's for Aldrin. ;)

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  1. whatevs.. my office is in Rizal now, thats why i loose. haha


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