The Possession

by - November 11, 2012

I admit it, I am such a big fan of Horror films. Even during my childhood days, I tend to watch horror films, even if it scares me terribly and can't pee by myself. HAHA! *but that is way baccccck then! ; )

I remember one of the scariest films I've watched is One missed call. (Japanese Version) where you will die if the creepy ringtone calls you, then upon answering it, you will hear yourself dying. I don't know why it had a great impact on me maybe because I watched it during my high school days? or maybe because I actually changed my ring tone to that creepy sound, and somebody called me in the middle of the night. SRSLY. -_-

Enough of that, I am here to write about The Possession movie.

It is about a little girl, where her Dad moves to a different place. The story begins when the young girl buys an antique box from a yard sale that unknowingly has a spirit inside. And were possessed later part in the story.

*sorry, I just don't want to spoil those whose not watching the film yet. I actually like the movie itself. Especially the girl named Em (Natasha Calis). She's a brilliant actress. The story says it all just by looking at her eyes. Very expressive and natural acting! 

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