Movie Review: Wreck it Ralph

by - December 01, 2012

Anyone here is a 90's baby? Raise your haaaand! I am! Ahmm, well, though I am "semi-considered" as 90's baby. I was born in 1989. And my boyfriend is always teasing me that I belong to 1980's. HAHAH. Anyway, I'm sure that everyone around here experienced playing video games right? Who doesn't know Sonic the Hedge dog? Pacman? Super Mario? They are our favorite characters! 
Wreck it Ralph is a 3D animated film directed by Rich Moore. The story is about a villain named Ralph from the video game Wreck it Ralph that wants to be good and a hero. His quest is to find a gold medal that will prove himself to other people that what they can see is only in the game and he can be nice too! The fun part in the movie is, you can see your favorite video game characters mentioned above and so much more. In any part of the movie, you'll just smile and say "I used to play that, I missed my childhood". :)

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