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by - November 21, 2012

Upon arriving in Taal Vista what we actually do is to enjoy the weather. Ofcourse, that's one thing we should practically do. The cool breeze touching our skin and being far away from the pollution in Manila. After camwhoring and discovering the place. I got hungry exactly at dinner time, and when I asked Aldrin if he's hungry, he told me that He's starving to death. 

Our first plan is to have a dinner buffet like we usually do when travelling, but Taal Vista offers a dinner buffet only during Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. So we have to change plan, good thing I have a ready made list on the best place to go and eat in Tagaytay. Since it's super cold that time, Aldrin told me that he wants something hot to warm his growling tummy. Then I immediately thought of Bulalo. And the best place to eat Bulalo in Tagaytay? Yep, you got it right, Leslie's Restaurant.

``They are easy to locate. They're along the highway near Summit Ridge | Robinson Supermarket

``Their way going to the tables
``A Ceiling made up of branches and roots. It's a preety nice idea! ;)

``their menu
``And the basic dipings you'll be needing.

 ``What we ordered is Bulalo Special (599 php) and Sugpo with Aligue 449 php. 
``The picture looks deceivingly small, but trust me, it's good for 4-5 hungry bears! It's delicious. The beef is tender and not overcooked.`Veggies are cooked to perfection. `In case the beef marrow gets a little bit hard because of the cold temperature, you can ask them to reheat it for you. And the good news is you can ask for soup refill for free. ;)
``What I thought before ordering it, will be like a peeled prawn, then put in a sizzling plate with Aligue. But I'm surprised when they presented it. My goodness gracious! This one stopped the beating of my heart! The aligue of the crab tickled every vain I have in my body! The prawns cooked just right and flavorful but I find it too salty. I think they mixed something with the aligue. Better if they put all natural ones. :)

``They serenade us with a song, or request something if you want to. They even sing me a happy birthday that made me blushed and shy all the way. HAHA! Im telling you, the singer (the 3rd one) is superb! Don't be fooled when you see him, I warn you, His voice is spectacular. **any tip in kind will do. ;)

``Don't think that we consumed everything. We tried, but we really can't. We just asked the staffs to wrap it for us. It's still good for 2-3 persons. Overall, I love the food in Leslie's. The price is reasonable especially with the taste and the amount of servings.

For details you can check their multiply account:
Tel No: (046)413-4271 Fax No: (046)413-1065/860-2694

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