Cookie Monster Ice Cream

by - November 20, 2012

I remember the time when Selecta's Magnum is such a hit! For a matter of ice cream on a stick you will shed out 50 php? Oh well, for me it's a good catch. If you must know, I'm a sweet tooth! :">  And I wouldn't deny that I love Magnum especially their crackling Belgian chocolate. *hmm* *drool* 

But anyway, I found a new discovery! Huraaaahh!! It's Magnolia's Cookie Monster Ice Cream.

``Available in 3 flavors (Chocolate Caramel | Chocolate Hazelnut | Choco Classic)

 ``25 php only on convenience store nationwide. Chocolate Hazelnut | Choco Caramel 
*the other flavor is not available :( 
``What's the new twist? It has a pebble like chocolate infused with chocolate-y goodness, with gooey eclair in the middle. (Sorry I wasn't able to take a picture of the eclair because I'm kinda in heaven when I'm eating that. :P But yes, i think half on the filling inside is made of eclair.)

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