Sweet treat @ Bag of Beans Tagaytay

by - November 28, 2012

Every time I think of cheesecake, the yummy-ness of Bag of Beans' cheesecake located in Tagaytay will be one of my faves. It's been months since the last time we went there. It's not hard to locate the store, it's along the highway of Tagaytay road and they offer different ranges of foods from their menu. 

 ``A little trivia: The most expensive coffee in the whole world can be found here. YUP, you read it right. ;) It's Civet coffee made up from, ahmmm. "poop" of Civet cats. Not yet convinced? Read here.

``The front area of the store

They also offer different kinds of breads.

*Here's the peak on the store*
``Upper part of the store

``Lower part
``And their BIGGG kitty that is so popular there. For what reason? Simply because it has its own business doing his thing and will never ever give any attention to you. HAHAH!!

*Their classic and elegant menu*

Because we're still full during that time, we just ate something for dessert.
``Black Forest frappe and Frozen Chocolate

``Their mouth watering blueberry cheese cake. (Trust me! ;) )

``Chocolate Mousse

*tadaahhhh!! Sugar level to the highest level*
What's my review with their dessert? One 2 words: MOUTH WATERING.  Every spoonful is so creamy and has its right sweetness. The price is very reasonable for its taste. You should come and try their food if you're planning to visit in Tagaytay. :)

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