Backlog: Valentine's Date 2011 at Uncle Cheffy's.

by - November 27, 2012

I know, I know guys, it's way back last year. But just like what I've said before, I am still a newbie here that's why I want to share at least something with you. And while I am here in the office, I look for some photos, and this is what I got. ;) 

I still remember the time that me and my boyfriend dated for our Valentine's date. Well at first it didn't turn out so well. I am looking for restaurant within Ortigas area where it's just one ride going to office. It was February 13, when I am cramming to have our reservation place for a good restaurant, and guess what? Everything is fully booked. Oh well what I can expect? It's the day before the V-day. So my sister told me about this great restaurant that is not that visible because of their location. So I tried my luck and contacted them and my sister is heaven in disguise, tadaah! I made it. So much for intro guys, we ate in 
Uncle Cheffy.

``The table set up
``The wine
``The place. Yep, almost the two of us. ;)


*Their Menu*

``Flowers from bhe :)
``Chocolate from him 
``Sweet! :)

*The foods*
``Uncle Cheffy's Favorite - Brick oven pizza loaded with cheese, mushroom, and lots more! Complimented well the salsa and al falfa on the side.
``Crunchy Calamares Sambal - Reminded us of chicken skin in a sossy way. hahah. It's indeed really crispy! But flavor wise, it can be improved.:)
``Uncle Cheffy's Steak (Well Done) - Really flavorful steak, perfectly seasoned and tender! It can even stand on its own. No need of steak sauces :)

``Asian Fried Rice - Boyfie says "Kanin pa lang, ulam na!" The flavored rice is perfect for their steak. It's a match made in heaven!
``Green Prawns and Pomelo Salad - One of my favorite during that night. The salad with huge shrimps, and pomelo smothered in oriental sauce is really comforting! Not the mention the sesame seed on it that gives the salad a bolder flavor!

``The foods
``Cheffy's Cheese Cake - The cheesecake was chocolatey and has a smooth consistency.
``Panacotta with Strawberry Sauce - Boyfie enjoyed this a lot. The panacotta was light and creamy. Perfect treat to end the meal!
``Then work after -___-

``The lovers. ayiie! :)

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