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by - November 11, 2012

I suddenly thought of writing this for my readers in the near future. I should post this on the first part right? What do you think? Anyway, Lemme introduced myself to all of you.

`` My name is Theresa Lim. You can call me "teta" that's my nickname and others used to call me.

`` I am half Filipino, half Chinese. Residing in the Philippines.

`` I am 24 years old, turning 25 this November 15. yes!

`` Graduated from St. Paul University Quezon City with Information Technology course

`` Working in IBM Philippines as SAP Application Architect

`` Frustrated Blogger in my facebook account ever since. haha!

`` Travel, Food, Movie Lover

`` Badminton and Singing are my passion.

`` A simple human existing in earth that will surely give you something interesting.

`` A sweet friend that will be always there for you til the very end. YES, that is me. :)

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  1. Hi Teta. I've been reading your blog ever since. :) But, I just read this one! Hello to you! :)

    1. Hello Maria!

      You didn't know how your comment made my day! I consider blogging just for hobby and eventually resulted in this one. I sometimes feel lazy updating the blog because of personal stuffs and I'm usually busy, but what keeps me motivated to write is because of my lovely readers like you. Thank you thank you dear! ❤ :*


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