Acuatico Dinner Buffet

by - November 12, 2012

During our stay in Acuatico, Dinner is not included in the package. They serve ala carte menu for 300++ per head and 500++ for the buffet. So we opted to have their dinner buffet. You can choose if you want to stay inside the resto or if you want outside where you can enjoy the view. (Pardon for the photos, iphone shots only)
``Here's their restaurant:
``Their table set up
`And their scrumptious meal
 ``I am glad it's not just garlic rice. It's flavorful rice together with pieces of veggies and meats. You can actually eat it by itself.

 ``Sauteed Spinach smothered in oyster sauce

 ``Cream Dory. My Personal Favorite of all. No fishy after taste. Cooked in light batter with optional creamy sauce. 

 ``Squid with bit of spiciness on it that gives the ooomphh factor (2nd favorite)

``Chicken and Pork Afritada

 ``Pork with Bacon pieces in Cream sauce (More like chicken pastel)

 ``Beef Caldereta

 ``The pasta section where you can choose between different types" (Carbonara, Alfredo and Bolognese.) --With the cook, when I was about to take the shot, he poses in camera. I told you they are the friendliest. ;)

 ``Soup section : Asparagus & Chicken in Cream Soup

 ``Dessert Section
 ``Strawberry Mousse with a hint of coffee jelly and Bluberry Mousse in shot glasses

 ``Gellatine with milk

 ``Halo Halo section

``Apples and Potato Salad

 ``Salad Bar

``Condiments section

``And ofcourse, we choose to stay outside the resto and enjoy the view

``And here's the food of the hungry bears! (take note, that's the first round) HAHAHA

``Looking at the foods seems ordinary. But what I like about them is the way they cooked it.  So tender and flavorful. Also, their buffet has just the right amount of food selections, because we don't end up feeling so heavy and bloated. 

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