A Caleruega Visit

by - November 30, 2012

I have a religious family. Since I was a kid, we always attend the mass together with family, joining processions and the like. Seeing new churches for the first time is one of my favorites. Aside from the wonders and new things that you'll discover, are you familiar with the sayings that if it's your first time to go to a church, you'll have one wish? Though we all know that we really don't have to do that, because he listens to us 24/7 *wink* :)

Anyway, when my family went to Tagaytay last September for my Dad's birthday, we also included in our list by going to Caleruega Church. Of course, I joined my great apprentice which happens to be my boyfriend. HAHA. We took the chance to have some picture taking while the rest is preparing the lunch. :)

 ``This is the entrance of Caleruega Church. We manage to go there by means of private transpo, but you can also go there by means of commuting. From Tagaytay highway, you have to ride a jeepney with the signage of Nasugbu, and just ask the driver to drop you off in Caleruega. Estimated time would be 20-30 minutes. Upon going down, it's not the Caleruega Church yet, you will ride a tricycle worth 50 pesos. 

Don't think that the payment costs too much, because from there, it's still far from the church. Around 10 minutes traveling time. The wiser part is, inside the tricycle, the cellphone number of the driver is posted and they will tell you to call them if ever you need to be picked up. It's actually a good deal because in Caleruega, there is no available public transportation due to its location. It's actually in the outcasted part area. So for those who will go there by means of public transportation, it's already a good catch! ;)
 ``Eye catcher stairs near the lobby
 ``Outside look. 

 ``Pine trees everywhere. Caleruega is a big place that has a LOT of spot that you should visit. It has a different chapel that you can have quiet time for praying. Aside from that, it is filled with different trees, and assortments of flowers. Caleruega is a popular place also for Retreats, Recollections, and Conferences. 
 ``The chapel at the top part of Caleruega.

 ``It's pretty right? :)
 ``Inside the church
 ``Us! :p
``One of one-of-a-kind looking flowers

Try for yourself sometime. Aside for an instant relaxation with the cool breeze in Tagaytay, you'll give yourself a time to reflect and pray. ;)

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